Delivery Flowers may arrive closed to half open this is to enhance the longevity of your flowers and will fully open over the next few days after conditioning.

Upon receiving the flowers start with placing them in the shade and ensure that they are not exposed to direct or in-direct sunlight. Check the stems end of the flower bouquet and confirm that they are of an equal size, (typically this is already checked & done before delivery by our skilled florist) but for a mixed flowers bouquet, design might require multiple stem lengths and this process will have to be done by the recipient. 

Step 1
Hold each flower next to your vase to gauge and determine how much stem you will need to trim, You might also want to remove some of the leaves.

Step 2
Using a clean sharp knife cut the stems at a (45) degree angle. This prevents them from sitting flat on the bottom of the vase and allows for better water absorption. (When conditioning flowers be sure to cut above one of the nodes that run up the flower's stalk, this will allow the stem to more easily draw the water it needs)

Step 3
When you’re done with the 2nd step, prepare a clean vase filled with ½ liter of clean water and pour the fresh flower nourishment sachet which was supplied to you with the flower bouquet (Find flower-food Sachet attached to the bouquet wrapping) Add the cut-flower food to the vase and finally start placing the flowers.

Step 4
Display the Flowers in an area with bright but in-direct sun light. Ideally room temperature is between 12 and 18 degrees or the coolest room that you have available.
Avoid areas with high heat temperatures, areas near drafty windows or air vents and away from air-conditioning or heating units.

Continual Flower Care
Flowers should be reconditioned every two or three days, replace the water in the vase if it begins to discolor, Re-cut the stems and add nourishment, maintain the water depth so the cut end of the stem remains submerged. If the bottoms of the stems become spongy or the flowers begin to wilt prematurely, re-cut the stems to improve the uptake of water. To nourish the flowers always use quality flower-food.

Further information
Most flowers are very sensitive to (Ethylene), a gas that causes flowers to deteriorate rapidly. Keep the flowers away from possible sources of this gas, which include wilting plants and ripening fruits and vegetables. Keep the flowers away from drafty windows or air vents, direct sunlight and excessive heat.
(Home acclimatization units are not healthy for cut flowers and reduce the longevity of your flowers considerably)